HERE we are loyal to local. We buy produce from our neighbours and feature the work of local talent. We cook every dish from scratch, bake bread, make jams and chutneys and smoke our own fish. If we don't know where produce comes from we won't serve it!. Our ingredients are as fresh, local and seasonal as possible.

Our cafe is furnished with recycled, reclaimed and local materials. Our shelving comes from recycled lock gates from the Grand Union Canal. Our oak tables were made locally using oak that fell naturally in Ashridge. Our red chairs are each made from 111 recycled coco cola bottles! 

Sustainability is at our heart. We don't serve bottled water but filter our own. We're passionate about responsible waste management and won't be compromising our carbon footprint for profit. 

We care about our staff and aim to be a great place to work. 100% of tips go to them. 

We are proud to have been awarded 3 stars by the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

HERE are just some of this months favourite suppliers… HERE our water is served straight from the tap; filtered, chilled, still and sparkling, with the help of is a not for profit organisation promoting the drinking of tap water in the UK. Bottled water is terrible for the environment. It costs a huge amount to produce, it has to be transported around the world and the plastic waste ends up in landfill (less than 17% ever gets recycled. The carbon footprint of bottled water is more than 500 times that of tap water.

Haresfoot Brewery is a local farm,school and park within Berkhamsted. The Brewery adopted the name to reflect their passion to produce craft beers for the local community and beyond.

Joe’s Tea Co. in Bethnal Green was born in 2012 and Joe’s sought after organic blends have since won 20 Great Taste Awards.  Any tea Joe was going to put his name to had to be the best. And by ‘best’ we mean sourced from the most exceptional and ethical organic tea plantations he could find.  Joe’s passion for the finest cuppa begins on small organic tea plantations nestled high up in the misty hills of Dyatalawa, Sri Lanka. This is where Joe sources all his tea because, unlike other tea blends, a cup of Joe’s tea is brewed up with 100% organic Ceylon loose tea leaves – for the most outstanding, pure and fresh flavour possible.

Climpsons & Sons approach to sourcing green coffee is equally driven by quality and a commitment to developing sustainable and ethical relationships. They work with trusted partners at origin to ensure producers receive fair prices and seek to develop ongoing relationships in buying from many of the same farms each year. With an intense focus on sourcing unique and exciting coffees they take equal care in their approach to roasting. All of their coffee is roasted on the environmentally friendly Loring SmartRoast S35 where the objective is to evenly develop each coffee’s inherent sweetness, highlighting clarity and balance.